Carrier Onboarding

Vantage team members respect and value relationships with Carriers and Owner Operators assuring that their needs are met within the logistics industry. Our team strives to build long lasting & trusting relationships with our carriers and pride ourselves to ensure a smooth and reliable experience working together. Vantage Logistics works extensively with a variety of factoring companies and offers multiple QuickPay programs to assist our carrier’s continued financial stability.
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Carrier Testimonials

My company has been working with Vantage Logistics for about 4 years now. I can honestly say they are one of the top brokers we have worked with. During the pandemic, they have been nothing but professional and have always paid what was deserved. They are very trustworthy, and I would always recommend Vantage Logistics.

Dimmy L.

The first load with Vantage Logistics and their team was wonderful. The entire staff was easy to work with and the communication was excellent. Paperwork, dispatching, and change orders were all done on time and very detailed. We would recommend Vantage to anyone I know.

Hussain T.

We recently started working Vantage Logistics during the pandemic and my experience has been nothing but positive. Their entire team is professional, honest, and efficient. Vantage provides the best rates as well as communication that I have experienced so far.

Darron F.

Vantage is paying fair rates despite the market turmoil. I have been working with Vantage for a while now and not only are they fair, they also “walk in carrier’s shoes” and show excellent understanding of any situation. Moreover, Vantage is always upfront about any changes to the load, like extra stops or product readiness. The integrity demonstrated by Vantage Logistics will take this company to long prosperity. I wish more brokers were as fair and honest as Vantage Logistics.


We recently started working with Vantage Logistics when our company’s needs changed due to the unfortunate impact of Covid-19. Our experience so far has been nothing but positive. The overall team is very professional, efficient and honest. The brokers have done a great job of understanding my company’s needs.

Vantage’s teams are understanding, easy to work with and overall a joy to work with. They also provide you with the best rates possible. We look forward to doing more business with Vantage in the future.